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Sexual and Romantic Orientation Self-Concept Map by Aquatic-Candle Sexual and Romantic Orientation Self-Concept Map :iconaquatic-candle:Aquatic-Candle 2 0 My Gender Self-Concept Map by Aquatic-Candle My Gender Self-Concept Map :iconaquatic-candle:Aquatic-Candle 3 2 Chaos Moon Octagram Alternate by Aquatic-Candle Chaos Moon Octagram Alternate :iconaquatic-candle:Aquatic-Candle 1 0 Chaos Moon Octagram by Aquatic-Candle Chaos Moon Octagram :iconaquatic-candle:Aquatic-Candle 0 0 Edie by Aquatic-Candle Edie :iconaquatic-candle:Aquatic-Candle 2 0 Phyla and Genera: the Owlgel Siblings by Aquatic-Candle Phyla and Genera: the Owlgel Siblings :iconaquatic-candle:Aquatic-Candle 3 5
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Okay so... I've been away for a little while. I have some stuff I wanna make but gotta fix my tablet first, screen broke. Things are kinda hectic right now irl so I can't promise when that will be, but!! I got into Steven Universe and wanna do some fanart/make a gemsona for that! and I want to share more Floraverse OCs, including my Floraversona~the Floraverse version of Martian Fabulous. And maybe a Floraverse species concept?!? Annnnd I created a tumblr blog for writing practice and if that produces anything good then I'll share it here! Anyway this update is getting a bit long, heh... So anyway hopefully I have something to share with you soon!
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Self-Concept Map
I made this and the gender identity one about a year ago and have been sitting on them out of embarrassment. But I enjoyed making them. My identities tend to change a lot so I didn't think they'd still fit but they do, and if they change it doesn't matter because the art's still cool to look at and I will get to make more if I want!

I’m queer! And aromantic bisexual. The aro and bi are equally important, but they don’t really blend together into something else other than queer, but that’s the umbrella term so it’s on the outside.

Within bi I nested polysexual because it fits under the bi+ umbrella. I nested diamoric within polysexual because it’s a part of my polysexuality.

Inside aromantic there’s aroflux. Inside that a triskellion of ways I’ve experienced romantic attraction at various times: demiromantic, recipromantic, and quoiromantic.

The rainbow LGBTQ+ flag was created by Gilbert Baker. The bisexual pride flag was designed by Michael Page. The aromantic flag I found on AVEN and other places, I’m not sure who to attribute it to. Nor do I know who to attribute the polysexual flag. I think the diamoric flag was originally created by snoodspirit on tumblr. The aroflux flag I used was found on pride-flags-for-us and created by maid-of-heart on tumblr. The demiromantic flag I used was created by queerascat (Vesper) on tumblr. I got the recipro- flag from the pride-flags deviantart and they attribute it to the tumblr asexualityexists, but the source they linked to was unclear. The quoiromantic flag I used was created by ragingqueermisandrist on tumblr.
My Gender Self-Concept Map
I made this visual representation of all the gender labels that kinda sorta fit me. Nonbinary, genderqueer, neutrois, maverique, genderpunk, gendereaux, agenderfluid and nobifluid. I'm a little embarrassed by it but I kinda think it's cool-looking. Sweating a little... You can call me a special snowflake or something idgaf. Snowflake Snowflake Snowflake 

Nonbinary is outside cuz it’s kinda the largest umbrella, and so genderqueer is a circle just inside that. Neutrois is inside making a Venn diagram with maverique. Maverique itself has genderpunk inside it because it stems from a similar feeling. In the middle of the Venn is gendereaux, which connects the two sides. Inside gendereaux agenderfluid and nobifluid are swirling around each other.

I could have put genderfluid in there but in-and-of itself genderfluid doesn’t fit me. I identify as trans but don’t consider it a gender identity itself, personally. The fluidities could have been outside the Venn diagram but it’s easier to look at this way, makes more visual sense.

The nonbinary flag was designed by Kye Rowan. The genderqueer flag was created by Marilyn Roxie. The neutrois flag is all over the internet so I dunno who to attribute it to. The maverique flag comes from queerascat (Vesper) on tumblr. The genderpunk, gendereaux, agenderfluid, and nobifluid flags I got from pride-flags-for-us on tumblr / Pride-Flags on DA.

This is going on my tumblr too. I'm not sure if it's more embarrassing than my DA anymore lol. It's Occie Dance
Chaos Moon Octagram Alternate
Another version. Made using procreate. Apparently the chaos star as a symbol was invented by author Michael Moorcock.
Sorry this is a few days late I am a forgetful one ^^" I'm sharing this as a journal entry because there are a few different pics I like and I didn't want to separate them, and also because while I wanted to share this here for the Floraverse group, I don't think it quite warrants a deviation imo.
I know the colors I went with are a bit off for white Beleth but I kinda just did what worked for me, with what I had already or could find online, and I felt cute! Plus the lighting in the comic for Hellside is usually pinky-purplish so the stuff I picked was partly with that aesthetic in mind.
Untitled by Aquatic-Candle
[A shot of me from above in the yellowish light of my house.]
I thought Beleth would look cute with these kitty nails, but they made it difficult because I constantly needed to adjust my outfit. I was chest binding, or trying to anyhow, though the shirt and suspenders were not totally conducive to that. I took the nails off with acetone (they were cheap press-ons) shortly after getting to my friends' place.
Untitled by Aquatic-Candle
[A mirror selfie in my friends' bathroom, in the natural light from their skylight.]
I broke the one rule of makeup that was given to me, which is don't put lip stuff on your eyes. :p Worth it. Plus I figured it was preferable to the really cheap cream makeup I had.
The tail was the most expensive part of my costume but I'm glad I got it. I wanna wear it all the time, it's so fluffy! Also I love this hat. And the ears. Also the skirt... Yay, kitty!
Untitled by Aquatic-Candle
[Me on my friends' porch swing under a black light.]
Funny story about the hair: I got a pink and blond wig (I know white Beleth is just blond but I thought they'd look super cute with pink tips!). I had blue hair before this and it was fading after a month, so I bleached it since I wanted to go purple and green next, and the blue dye that didn't come out turned the ends of my hair pink after the bleaching. So that was a happy accident, especially because that made the ears and hat fit without loads of pins and stuff.
Anyhow I had a lot of fun that night and am still eating loads of candy~


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Aloysius Rosalba Sini Satuseppä
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a queerdo who aspires to be an author of sci fi and fantasy novels. Though in practice I make a lot of visual art as well, and I'm more likely to share it.

Pronouns: they/them, thon/thons, xe/xem/xyr (I wrote a journal on how to use these pronouns)


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